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Aitus Group has over 20 years of investment and business expertise behind it. During that time over £100,000 has been spent on training, development and education for the Directors and Senior management. Combined with the tools at its disposal through Aitus Services and its group of professional advisers Aitus Consulting aims to share all of these huge benefits with other individuals and companies.

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Aitus Group prides itself on being a property investment company. Over the years as Aitus has grown and become more successful the Directors and the team have been increasingly asked to help and advise others trying to create or improve their own property businesses. This need led to the creation of Aitus Consulting which takes great pride in being a small player in the success of so many property enterprises.

Whether it is the creation or growth of a small property investment portfolio, or large scale investment advice for companies or individuals, Aitus Consulting can bring decades of experience, contacts and tools to bear to help your business move forward.

We try to share our knowledge and experience in a number of ways that we believe make it accessible and relevant to individuals and businesses at all levels. Whether it is an introduction to the creation of a property business or a position as a Non Exec on your company's board, we can help.

Our courses


Property Business Mastermind – Retreat

We hold two mastermind retreats each year. These are initially only made available to existing clients whom we have worked with in one of the above ways. On the rare occasions that the spaces do not all get filled, we will accept direct applications but all applicants must have an hour's chat with one of our team before their application can be considered.

For details on how to get involved please contact


Property Business Builder – Mastermind (Monthly)

This is a 12 month program where we offer ongoing support to a very small number of businesses. We in effect act as a non-executive board of Directors for those companies and hold a monthly ‘board meeting’ which includes a full board pack, agenda and supporting admin as required.

This monthly meeting allows Aitus Group to bring to bear its experience, tools and contacts on an ongoing basis for the benefit of our clients. This means we can not only help to create goals and strategies but we are involved in achieving them as well. If you are interested please complete the application form below.



Scale Your Property Business

Scale Your Property Business asks you where you are now, where you want to go and then talks about implementation and execution on how to get there.

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