Aitus Investments

Aitus Investments represents the company's primary asset holding entity. It holds a number of existing residential assets with its sister company (Aitus Commercial) holding the commercial property assets.

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These companies allow the group to efficiently manage its existing assets but also to grow its asset base across both residential and commercial property . Holding property assets within a limited company allows us greater flexibility in terms of our financing, financial planning and structure when working with other investors or partners.

Aitus Investments also oversees all work that the group conducts with third party investors or institutions. With the support of Aitus Services, Aitus Investments gives individuals and institutions the opportunity to gain bespoke access to both commercial and residential assets in the UK, supported by an industry veteran with 20 years' experience.

These investments vary widely from single family residential properties to mixed use and commercial investments. There are also options for lending and equity investments subject to a thorough review of the parties involved.

As Aitus Investments was born from a strong 19 year investing track record, we choose our partners very carefully. This is why all investors are vetted and a thorough review of their situation and their investment priorities is undertaken before any options are discussed. For more information on investing with the Aitus Group contact


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