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Aitus Residential (Previously Home and Hearth) has been the company’s property management company for over 12 years. It manages all of the company’s property holdings including tenants, repairs and maintenance and finances.

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Aitus residential is our property management company and as such is responsible for looking after our properties and our tenants. It is supported by the central team of Aitus Services in terms of accounting, marketing, legal and statutory compliance. This means that the business runs both efficiently and to the very highest standard.

As well as managing the company’s properties and those of the Directors, Aitus Residential also manages some properties for third party landlords. The relationship between our management company and the Director's investment activities means that Aitus Residential is particularly adept at managing portfolios or ‘complex’ properties such as HMOs, Serviced accommodation or commercial buildings.

The key difference between Aitus Residential and other letting agents is that Aitus Residential has been created by landlords to ensure the strongest and safest returns are achieved from their properties. An in-depth understanding of the value of good tenants and the importance of properly maintaining your valuable property assets underpin our management philosophy. At the same time detailed financial awareness and performance reporting internally means we pride ourselves on maximising landlords' profitability.


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